All Players are asked to follow our rules.

  • Cheating/ bugusing/ glitching is forbidden (e.g. floating base, building under the map etc.)!
  • Use English in –Global-Chat–
  • Harassing other players is forbidden.
  • Behaviour that harms the atmosphere on the server is forbidden. In case if you see a player who is cheating just collect as much evidence as you can and inform us on the forum. 
  • Blocking resources/ beacons of any kind is forbidden. This includes beaver & penguin spawns.
  • Old structures must be demolished. This includes abandoned and unneeded structures (for example, rafts, fishing spots, taming boxes, unbuilt rafts, single campfires and storage boxes) 
  • The obelisks must not be build on and have to be accessible by foot.
  • Keep distance to other bases, there is enough space for everyone.
  • Building on “Dead Island” is not allowed. [Island]
  • It’s forbidden to build in the dragon gorge. [Ragnarok]
  • It’s not allowed to block waterways. Build bridges always in a way that it allows players on a raft or dino (e.g. Mosasaur) to pass it.
  • It’s forbidden to block Charge Nodes and Z Plant with structures, as they are seen as a resource. They have to be usable, reachable on foot and visible from outside for everyone. [Aberration]
  • Gas collectors have to be unlocked and may not be built-in. [Aberration]
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